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Become a Confident Speaker

“This course is the missing link I've searched for years. This is one of the very best courses I've seen in a long time.”

Sergiu Funieru

Do you want to participate in telesummits as an expert?

This class may just give you the edge you need to set yourself apart from others!

This is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan that shows you how to work from home or anywhere on the planet with something you already use on a daily basis – your telephone.

In this course I will share with you the technology you need to record your teleseminar, how to structure them, how to price them, and where to market them – all without extra additional cost to you!

Yes, I will show you where to get free conference lines all over the world so you can serve an International audience. I will even show you how to make money with your telephone without a live audience. This is especially great for those who are shy and want to pre-record their teleseminars at their own timing.


  • You can call yourself a certified Teleclass leader.
  • You will receive your Certificate of Leadership from the Core Freedom Academy
  • You will have your own conference line no matter where you are in the world, absolutely free of charge
  • You will know what technology you need to create super amazing teleseminars
  • You will know how to structure your calls so you will wow your audience
  • You will know how to use titles that get the click and the sign-up
  • You will know how to use features and benefits to write descriptions that will make any reading them sign up for your teleseminars
  • You will know the difference between preview calls, series and mentorship calls
  • You will know how to price your teleseminar calls
  • You will get over 45 marketing strategies that are completely free to use
  • You will know paid marketing resources, should you choose to use them (not necessary)
  • You will hear from several famous people how they are using teleseminars and how you can too


  • If you are shy speaking in public and want to increase your confidence, this is the perfect tool to help you get started!
  • Anyone who is employed, self-employed, unemployed, student, or retired - can take this course and do well with it
  • If you have a message to share with your audience or the entire planet, this course is for you
  • If you are not interested in sharing your own personal message with your audience and you are looking for a get-rich-quick-scheme, this course is not for you
  • Those who are interested in becoming better communicators, more elegant, poised and confident speakers or want to become a public speaker, online course leader or webinar leader will learn a great deal in this course.

What's more important than you sharing your wisdom with the world?

Now I will share with you how to capture that most important message of yours, how to set it up as a teleseminar and how to provide your audience with your wisdom for years to come. Not only to they benefit, but you have just created a passive income stream!

Whether you want to create one teleseminar, a series of teleseminars or even an entire 3-month or 1-year mentorship program by telephone, I will show you how to put it all together.

All tools recommended in this course are free, including your conference line.

Please watch the free lectures available to you to get some of your questions answered.

Special Notice: If you want to become a certified Teleclass Leader, you will need to order your certificate from the Core Freedom Academy at the end of your course. You will need to register with Core Freedom Academy and pass a series of steps, including a test, in order to receive your Certificate of Leadership. Certificates are optional and not required in order to take this course.

Joann Sanchez

From the moment I started this course, I learned more about teleseminars that I have for other sources. This course really breaks it down into manageable pieces so I don't feel overwhelmed with the process."

“Excellent, inspiring course! This course has inspired me with so many ideas that my head is spinning! It is packed full of information on why and how to use teleseminars to increase business and created passive streams of income - no detail is spared!”

Jessica Barst

“This course far exceed my expectations and was well worth my time. I now have all the tools I need to begin recording teleseminars. I highly recommend this Udemy course. The best one I have taken so far.”

Angel Walker

“Wow, this course is fun & informative. Even though I have experience in this area, Cha~zay really simplifies the steps and creates a brilliant picture of how to succeed from anywhere with a telephone line. If I had known ALL of this years ago... it would have saved me a lot of time! The instructor presents well-structured content with a caring tone that makes the material easy to follow and absorb. Great way to leverage expertise with larger audiences and tap even greater income.”

Bodhi Horn

Great course in every way! It is very well laid out and presented in a way that is very easy to understand. This is perhaps the best course - so far - that I have taken. Every area is fully covered and the author gets back to you quickly if you have any questions. The audio and video are both excellent. The author speaks very clearly and is easy to understand. If your desire to provide a service and make money through Teleseminars - then this is the course you will want to take. It is worth every dollar of the price. I would highly recommend this course.”

James Review

This is the best course I have ever taken anywhere! Dr. Cha~zay is an awesome teacher and this course is a masterpiece of years of experience and love for helping people succeed in life and she stands behind it above and beyond. Everything you need is included and if by any chance you find something that is not she will even help you with that as well. This life changing course can deliver your greatest dreams if you just believe in yourself that is all you need to bring and she evens helps with that too. Amazing.”

Guy Girard

Praise for this course:

5 star rating

Accurate description of the course and knowledge to attai...

Charles Englund

As a radio and television personality for over 30 years, I feel what I learned in this course will enable me to use my experience in writing and delivery to ...

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As a radio and television personality for over 30 years, I feel what I learned in this course will enable me to use my experience in writing and delivery to establish seminars which allow me to have a freer retirement from the weekly commitments of broadcasting. With over 500 interviews of people from all walks of life and careers, including Mark Victor Hansen, Barbara DeAngelis and other authors and speakers, as well as not so famous people, I will be able to formulate Cha-Zay's methods to accomplish this. Thanks for the great info and roadmap to this purpose. I hope to take some her other courses. Chuck Englund Florida, USA

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About the instructor

Best-Selling Instructor, Teleclass Leader, Public Speaker

Cha~zay Sandhriel, Ph.D., C.H.

I grew up in a middle-class family in Switzerland and later moved to the United States to learn English. I quickly caught on why the U.S. is called "the land of opportunity" and my entrepreneurial side came to the surface. I started a brand new career building teams for European-based technology companies who wanted to settle in Silicon Valley. In the late 90s when the dot-com became the dot-bomb, I decided to leave the corporate world to build a multi-million dollar real estate development and coaching firm. I taught at the Learning Annex for many years and spoke on stage with Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, in front of thousands of people.Public speaking used to be my biggest fear. I resorted to teleseminars because it provided the distance and 'safety' I needed between me and my audience. Little did I know that I had stumbled on a gold mine. Once I gained enough confidence to lead successful teleseminars, I was asked to speak in front of live groups. The groups became bigger and the impact more exponential.Today I have over 10,000 students worldwide and it all started with teleseminars. This Teleclass Leader Certification course is the result of my journey so you can create your own success story. Enjoy!

Course Curriculum

  • 2

    Section 2: Why Teleseminars Work - The Proof

  • 3

    Section 3: Getting The Right Mindset

    • Your Mindset - An Overview

    • Do You Want Active or Passive Streams of Income?

    • Keeping The Future Of Your Business In Mind

    • Sandy's Amazing Success Story

    • Quiz: Your Mindset


  • 4

    Section 4: An Overview Of The Technology You Need

    • An Introduction Video About Technology

    • An Overview Of The Technology You Will Need

    • Where To Get Free Conference Lines

    • Quiz: Do Conference Lines Cost Money?

  • 5

    Section 5: How To Set Up And Structure Your Teleseminars

    • Structuring Your Teleseminars - an Overview

    • How To Structure Your Teleseminar For Optimum Sales

    • Choosing Teleseminar Titles That Work

    • Writing Descriptions That Get The Click

    • Listen To My Free Preview Call

    • Quiz: What's The Most Important Part Of Your Free Preview Call?

  • 6

    Section 6: Understanding Features and Benefits

    • Features and Benefits - An Overview

    • Alcatraz or Treasure Island

    • Quiz: What's The Difference Between Features and Benefits?

  • 7

    Section 7: How To Price Your Teleseminar And Receive Payments

    • Introductory Video About Pricing Your Teleseminars

    • How To Price Your Teleseminar Series

    • Download Worksheets

    • How To Accept Registrations and Payments From Clients

    • I Don't Want To Charge For My Teleseminars - But I Still Need An Income

    • Quiz: Should Teleseminars All Be Free?

  • 8

    Section 8: How To Forecast And Measure Your Results

    • Video About Forecasting and Measuring Results

    • Creating Forecasts with Excel Spreadsheets

    • Download Your Sales Expectations Spreadsheet

    • Keeping Track of Your Stats

    • Download Your 'Keeping Track Of Your Stats' Excel Spreadsheet

  • 9

    Section 9: Marketing Your Teleseminars

    • Marketing Your Teleseminars - An Overview

    • 45 Ways To Market Your Teleseminars For Free

    • Paid Ways To Market Your Teleseminars

  • 10

    Section 10: How Famous People Use Teleseminars

    • Video About Famous People Who Use Teleseminars

    • Famous People Who Use Teleseminars

    • How To Make $1 Million Dollars per Year With Teleseminars - Social Proof

    • Tele-Summits - Lisa Barnett on Creating Teleseminars for Tele-Summits

  • 11

    Section 11: Summary, Final Word and Bonus

    • Learn From My Mistakes - My First Teleseminar

    • Course Summary

    • You Did It!

    • How To Get Your Certificate of Leadership

    • Student Discounts

    • Podcasts To Enrich Your Journey

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