Be more in touch with your intuition and know things ahead of time.

Would you like to connect with the spirit world or perhaps an ancestor whose past away and know exactly what's being said?

Would you like a little more guidance from your higher self, your guides or non-human Beings?

Then you will love this course!

"This is an excellent course. Right after I did the tapping for Clair-Audience I meditated before laying down to sleep and I had already heard someone try and speak to me although I lost my concentration quickly I chalk it up as progress all in the same night I started the course. WOW! I recommend this course for beginners advanced and those people who have felt they lost their intuitive gifts and want to get them back."

Benjamin M.A. Schiltz


We will use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as Tapping, to remove blockages that prevent you from accessing your intuitive channels.

We will cover the four major 'clairs,' also known as:

  1. Clair-Audience
  2. Clair-Voyance
  3. Clair-Sentience
  4. Clair-Cognizance

We will then active them one by one.

We will also activate your dream channels and help increase your confidence and self-esteem in reading and trusting your intuitive guidance.

You will also learn what intuition sounds like so you will be able to decipher whom is talking to you at any given time.


  • You will know how to use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as Tapping.
  • You will have activated the Clair-Audience channels.
  • You will have activated the Clair-Voyance channels.
  • You will have activated the Clair-Cognizant channels.
  • You will have activated the Clair-Sentience channels.
  • You will have activated or reduced your channels of empathy.
  • You will have activated your dream channels.
  • You will have removed fear from seeing or hearing dead people (via EFT).
  • You will know what it takes to become a paid intuitive.
  • You will know how to remove blockages from you body.
  • You will know why ethics and integrity are so important when becoming an intuitve person.
  • You will receive various exercises to help increase your clair-audient channels.
  • You will also receive several bonuses to help increase your intuition even more.

Over 4,000 Students Worldwide ~ Over a 1,000 Five-Star Reviews!

Linda Levesque-Butler

"Cha-zay's way of explaining was really clear and easy to understand. 

The content was exceptional and with her doing the EFT 's (allowing me to repeat after her) I soon became comfortable remembering it myself and will become second nature to do it on my own."

Joann Sanchez

"Since starting this course I have been making progress in the areas of confident, trust and clearing the blocks for my intuition. I like how you can pick and choose which sections would better suit your needs."

Trent Adams

"This course is AWESOME. I'm up to lecture 20 and each exercise I do I feel more energized and I feel good."

Start opening your intuitive channels now.


  • Anyone interested in increasing their intuitive channels will love this course.
  • Anyone who is interested in personal and spiritual development should take this course
  • Anyone interested in expanding their dream state will love this course.
  • Anyone interested in another application of the EFT method (tapping), will love this course.


  • This course may not make you an intuitive immediately or even over night. While some get instant results, for others it takes work and patience.
  • This course is not meant to give you intuitive abilities, something you already have, but insteads helps you remove blockages that may be preventing you from accessing your intuitive channels.

Open your 'Clairs' today and start living a life with unmistakable intuition.

About the instructor

Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotist, Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive

Cha~zay Sandhriel, Ph.D., C.H.

Although I experienced three near-death experiences at the ages of 5, 15 and 25, I spent the first half of my life denying and ignoring my intuitive abilities and instead escaped into the business world. I didn't know what to do with the things I heard and knew. There was no one to talk to about my visions and I was way too practical and common-sense oriented than to try to make a fool of myself. I went through a complete personal, mental and spiritual re-invention when my marriage ended in 2004, which was followed by a tragic event in 2006. I humbly accepted the bridging of my inner reality with my outer reality. Today I spend my time coaching business people about intuition and spirituality and I teach intuitive people, healers and coaches how to create online courses.

Course Curriculum

  • 2

    SECTION 2: What Is EFT?

  • 3

    SECTION 3: The Four Major and Two Minor Clairs

    • 'Clairs' - An Overview

  • 4

    SECTION 4: Intuition and Confidence

    • The Confident Intuitive - An Overview

    • The Confident Intuitive - The Activation

  • 5

    SECTION 5: Trust Your Intuition

    • Preparing For Your Sessions - Fear Of The Unseen

    • Let's Clean The Slate - Unblocking

    • Trusting Your Intuition

  • 6

    SECTION 6: Clair-Audience Activation

    • What Is Clair-Audience?

    • Clair-Audience Activation

    • Clair-Audience - Hearing Dead People

    • Developing Your Clair-Audience

    • Quiz: What Is Clair-Audience?

  • 7

    SECTION 7: Clair-Voyance Activation

    • Clair-Voyance Activation

    • Clair-Voyance - If You Only Want To See The Light Side

    • Clair-Voyance - Preparing To See The Dark Side

    • Quiz: What Is Clair-Voyance?

  • 8

    SECTION 8: Clair-Sentience Activation

    • Clair-Sentience - An Overview

    • Closing Channels of Empathy

    • Additional EFT Statements To Close Empathy

    • Opening Channels Of Empathy

    • Clair-Sentience Activation

  • 9

    SECTION 9: Clair-Cognizance Activation

    • Clair-Cognzance - An Overview

    • Clair-Cognzance Activation

    • Clair-Cognizance In Relationships

    • Quiz: What Is Clair-Cognizance?

  • 10

    SECTION 10: Activate Your Dream World

    • The 'Clairs' Within Your Dreams - An Overview

    • Dreams - Activation

    • How To Leave a Review

  • 11

    SECTION 11: Becoming a Paid Intuitive

    • Becoming a Paid Intuitive - Overview

    • Becoming a Paid Intuitive - Activation

    • Paid Intuitives Who Make Big Bucks Reading Energy

  • 12

    SECTION 12: Advanced EFT Technique

    • Advanced EFT - Overview

    • Advanced EFT - Activation

    • Advanced EFT - Additional Tips

  • 13

    SECTION 13: Student Questions

    • Podcast 028: Your Spiritual Evolution - Understanding Ego vs. Soul

    • Podcast 029: Meeting New People - Are You Living From Ego or Your Soul, final

    • Podcast 034: What's The Difference Between Spirit and Soul?

    • Pocast 038: How To Stop Others From Reading You - With a Protective Shield

    • Podcast 042: How To Do Accurate and 'Blind' Intuitive Readings

    • Podcast 046: How To Predict The Future Yourself

    • Podcst 052: Doing a 'Reading' On Someone Without Their Permission

    • Podcast 055: Which Are You? A Light Worker, a Dark Worker, or a Balance Worker?

    • Podcast 059, Activating Intuition In The Face of Religion

  • 14

    SECTION 14: Summary and Bonus

    • Closing Remarks

    • Bonus - Additional EFT Starting Sentences and Your Track Sheet

    • Podcasts To Enrich Your Journey

    • Student Discounts

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"A wonder-full course. I cannot praise it enough!"

Victoria Jimenez

"Dr. Cha~zay has done another excellent course. She really takes you step by step in increasing your intuitive abilities. And she is very diligent on answering any questions posted to the group. I have learned almost as much from the course and the questions and answers!" 

Gordon Bland

"This course is excellent!!! The block questions that Cha-zay uses are spot on! The EFT rounds that she does are so pertinent! You hear them and it's wow, that's describes me to a T. She's very thorough with finding and removing the blocks."

Dean DiGregorio

"Lots of follow-along practice using EFT to open up/adjust hearing, seeing, feeling, and knowing intuitive channels. Also, mentions ethics and self protection. Clean, sharp audio and video."

Teresa Burba

"I truly got a lot out of this course. As a matter of fact, ever since we did the clairaudience channel exercise, I have been hearing children or people talking. It is low but I can hear the noise. It's amazing! I highly recommend this course to further your intuitive abilities."

James Nyamekeh-Anlimah

"This has been an eye opener to me for the advancement of my spiritual journey."

Enroll now and gain immediate access to the tools needed to let your intuitive channels run freely.