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"I have never ever seen high quality green screen course like this one. This is the best course about green screen on Udemy. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn how to create high quality green screen videos. A+"

Shrabon I.

Would you like to spice up your current courses or PowerPoint presentations and give them that extra sizzle that keeps your audience' attention?

Do you want to increase enrollments and increase your reviews?

Then you're in the right place!

This course is all about green or blue screen recording and replacing your background with moving videos or gorgeous static pictures that give your online courses that extra spice that keeps your audience glued to your educational material.


  • Know how to keep your online courses engaging and captivating with green or blue screen recording
  • Know how to insert a 'talking head' video into a PowerPoint presentation
  • Know resources where to get green or blue screen backgrounds
  • Know how to remove green or blue backgrounds from video
  • Replace background with beautiful moving videos
  • Insert static background pictures
  • You will be given 5 free static background pictures to help you get started
  • Know what technology is needed to create green or blue screen background videos
  • You will know the importants of wardrobe, make-up, hair and what to wear and not to wear for green screen videos
  • Know how to use Camtasia 8 to edit every step of your video from beginning to end
  • Learn a trick about creating great audio for your videos (using free resources)
  • You will get several hand-outs with recommendations of cameras, microphones, software to edit your videos, where to buy your green screen and much more


  • Online instructors and educators
  • Current or future Udemy instructors
  • Professionals who want to create online courses
  • Anyone who wants to create professional webinars
  • Anyone who wants to improve their PowerPoint presentations by appearing in their own presentation
  • Business people who want to take their PowerPoint presentations to the next level


  • You will need a computer (with Camtasia installed)
  • You will need Camtasia (for PC or Mac)
  • You will need a camera (your Android or iPhone is sufficient)
  • You will need a microphone to record great videos (covered in the course)
  • You will need your course outline to be fully ready to take this course
  • You will benefit greatly from having completed the course: For Healers and Coaches: How To Create a Course Outline


In this course I will show you where to get your green or blue screen (we’ll cover what the difference is as well). We’ll talk about all of the technology you need to create awesome online courses that will have students want to enroll in all of your other courses as well. We’ll talk about your camera, microphone, your audio and your video editing software.

I will be using Camtasia for PC to show you how to edit your videos.

We will cover where to get your royalty free videos and static background pictures and how to insert them behind your ‘talking head’ to make your videos look dazzling.

All students receive 5 free static backgrounds that I had my graphic designer create especially for you.

Come on in and join me, a Udemy best-selling instructor, along with thousands of other students from over 90 countries all over the world, and learn how to set your videos apart from the masses by giving it that little extra that makes your clients and students want to enroll in all of your courses.

Over 1,000 students are enrolled in this course! All 5 star reviews!

Martin Luxton

"Very informative with excellent real world examples."

Becky Cook

"I'm not very techie but this course is a step-by-step training that even I can follow. It's well organized with no fluff, so I can quickly review what I need to do to take the next step for my online courses."

Sebastian Cortes

"This is an excellent resource for Green screen recording. It's simple and very informative, it covers green screen set up, Lighting, Software, Video and Audio management. The instructor is experienced in the topic and also very engaging. Great quality course, recommended!"

Christine Kurz

"I learned a ton of very useful information. This course is such an awesome value. It is reasonably priced and it has so many key

components all in the same video course linked in a manor that makes


Belinda Bosch

"Great insightful course!!"

Tom Watkins

"A course about making a course! Wonderful. What a great idea! Every fan of on-line training will enjoy this! Cha~zay’s exuberance is contagious!"

Neetha Reddy

"Wonderfully put together. Thoughtful and organized presentation. If you are new to green/blue screen video this will help a lot.

The section about Power Point is very nice touch. Some of the other courses don't cover this aspect."

Susan Tamaoki

"I enjoyed the step-by-step examples on working with green/blue screens, especially the topic on how to blend video with a Powerpoint presentation. The handouts are helpful and practical. I like that the instructor listed specific types of studio equipment and specific places to go for music and graphics. Just this info alone will save me time and money over the long run as I experiment with taking the training classes I create to a new level. You don't need to have Camtasia to follow along, but it helps if you have used a similar graphics program or even Storyline."

Praise for this course:

5 star rating

Online Course Creation No. 6

Daniel Ybarra

Great information on making spectacular videos with animations, video backgrounds, PowerPoint presentations, with talking headshots. Chaz zay teaches in gre...

Read More

Great information on making spectacular videos with animations, video backgrounds, PowerPoint presentations, with talking headshots. Chaz zay teaches in great detail the use of green and blue backgrounds and when to use them. Going as far as what outfits to use for which background. Chaz zay also relays great information in how to use Camtasia for preparing the screenshots and mixing the audio tracks onto the video. She has great attention to detail with concise explanations of the process of making green screen videos with spectacular effects in visual and audio aspects of creation.

Read Less

About the instructor

Best-Selling Instructor, Reiki Master, Metaphysician, Mentor to Healers and Coaches

Cha~zay Sandhriel, Ph.D., C.H.

I love my life! I'm spending my time traveling the world while creating life-changing online courses. But my life wasn't always this mobile and free. My professional path started with the Swiss Government and later led me to Silicon Valley where I built start-up teams for European technology companies. Once I left the corporate world in early 2000 I started my own coaching and consulting business. A tragedy in 2006 caused me to go through a 7-year process of complete personal, professional and spiritual reinvention. During this time I obtained a PhD in metaphysical science and holistic life coaching. I became a trained grief and suicide hotline counselor and a certified hypnotist and Reiki Master. Today, because I love micro-entrepreneurship, I have bridged my business and healing experiences to helping other healers and coaches launch successful online businesses.

Course Curriculum

  • 2

    SECTION 2: Your Studio Set-Up

  • 3

    SECTION 3: All About Clothing, Make-Up, Jewelry and Hair For The Green or Blue Screen

    • Let's Talk About Wardrobe, Make-Up, Jewelry and Hair

    • Quiz: Green or Blue Screen?

  • 4

    SECTION 4: Editing Your Videos - Camtasia Centra

    • How To Remove Green or Blue Background From Your Video

    • How To Give Yourself an Electronic Facelift

    • How To Add a Video or Static Picture as Your Video Background

    • Bonus - Free Backgrounds For You

    • Outsource Green/Blue Screen Removal

  • 5

    SECTION 5: Powerpoint Central - For Online Webinar Presenters

    • How To Spice Up Your PowerPoint Presentations

    • How To Appear Inside Your PowerPoint Presentations

    • How To Slide-In Text Like I have In My Videos (Camtasia Tutorial)

    • Quiz: What Do You Think?

  • 6

    SECTION 6: Where To Get Royalty Free Pictures and Videos To Spice Up Your Online Courses

    • Royalty Free Background Music

    • Where To Get Your Background Videos and Static Pictures

    • Leave a Review - Let Me Show My Gratitude

    • Copyright Issues

  • 7

    SECTION 7: Improving The Sound Of Your Videos

    • How To Get Better Video Sound Quality

    • Great (Free) Resource To Have Your Audio Edited For Optimum Sound Quality

    • How To Replace Video Sound With Your New MP3

  • 8

    SECTION 9: Course Summary & Bonuses

    • Get Your Videos On YouTube

    • Course Summary

    • How To Get Additional Backgrounds

    • Resource Library

    • Student Discounts

    • Podcasts To Enrich Your Journey

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