Core Freedom Academy

Practical Tools For Life ~ Wisdom For Your Soul

Professional and personal development for those wanting to achieve more freedom.


Prosperity and Metaphysics: Opening The Floodgates of Wealth

Change how you view money. Unlock your inner gates to true wealth.


Skyrocket Your Confidence And Self-Esteem: Confidence Mastery Course

Increase your confidence and self-esteem and drastically change your life for the better. Increase confidence today.


20 Ways To Generate Passive Income Online

A course to provide you with ideas to help you create multiple, generous and passive streams of income.


Teleclass Leader Certification Course

Become a Certified Teleclass Leader


Membership Sites: How To Create a Online Community or Forum

For those who want to run their own social networking sites.


Knowing Your Life Purpose and Mission With 7 Simple Steps

This course is all about helping you find your life's mission and purpose. Bounce out of bed loving your life!