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Dowsing Course No. 2: Multiple Choice Dowsing Questions

Sentence structure and multiple choice questions for increased accuracy.


Dowsing Course No. 3: Deviceless Dowsing with Muscle Testing

Learn to dowse without a pendulum by using your body, hands and even your eyelashes.


Get All 3 Dowsing Courses (No 1, 2, 3)

Save instantly when you get all 3 Dowsing courses!

Advanced Dowsing Certification Course

Learn how to change energies of a past or future event. Resolve old trauma or transmute energy of an upcoming event.


Prosperity and Metaphysics: Opening The Floodgates of Wealth

Change how you view money. Unlock your inner gates to true wealth.


How To Build Your Passive Income Stream Empire

Learn how to set up the foundation for all of your passive income streams. Do it once, set it and forget it.