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Dowsing Course No. 3: Deviceless Dowsing with Muscle Testing

Learn to dowse without a pendulum by using your body, hands and even your eyelashes.

Regular rate: $147


Get All 3 Dowsing Courses (No. 1, 2, 3)

Get access to all 3 dowsing coures at once!

Transcendental Dowsing Course - By Invite Only

Learn how to change energies of a past or future event. Resolve old trauma or transmute energy of an upcoming event. Invitation to join this course is sent once pre-requisite courses have been completed.


EFT No. 1 - Introduction to the Emotional Freedom Technique

Learn how to quickly and discretely remove fears and blockages that prevent physical and emotional well-being.

Regular rate: $97


EFT No. 2 - Manifesting Self Love, Acceptance and Awakening

The ultimate self-love and self-acceptance EFT course. Awaken to your own inner beauty.

Regular rate: $97


EFT No. 3 - Weight Loss and Improved Body Image - No Dieting

It's time for the best version of you. Find inner peace and confidence to look your best.

Regular rate: $97