Core Freedom Academy

Courses Dedicated to Your Freedom

Over 30,000 Students from 162 Countries


Spiritual Protection Webinar

For Intuitives, Dowsers, Reiki Master, Energy Workers, Ministers, Healing Professionals and Spiritual Coaches.


Spiritual Awakening, Ascension and Alchemy

10+ Hours of Grounded and Practical Guidance - For Those On a Spiritual Path.
Regular Rate: $297


EFT No. 1 - Introduction to the Emotional Freedom Technique

Learn how to quickly and discretely remove fears and blockages that prevent physical and emotional well-being.


EFT No. 2 - Manifesting Self Love, Acceptance and Awakening

The ultimate self-love and self-acceptance EFT course. Awaken to your own inner beauty.


EFT No. 3 - Weight Loss and Improved Body Image - No Dieting

It's time for the best version of you. Find inner peace and confidence to look your best.


EFT No. 4 - Introduction to 'Tapping' for Future Events

Daily Success and Introduction to 'Tapping' for Future Events.