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Spiritual Awakening, Ascension and Alchemy

16+ Hours of Grounded and Practical Guidance - For Those On a Spiritual Path.

Regular Rate: $397


Intuition Development - Introducing 12 Intuitive Channels

3+ Hours of content to help you understand which of the 12 'Clairs' work best for you. Enroll now.

Regular Rate: $97


Dowsing Course No. 1: Setting The Right Foundation

Learn how to properly cleanse, charge, program and store your pendulum. Start your dowsing journey right!

Regular rate: $127


Dowsing Course No. 2: Multiple Choice Questions and Effective Sentence Structuring

Learn effective sentence structuring for increased accuracy and how to ask multiple choice questions.

Regular rate: $127


Get Dowsing Course No. 1 and No. 2 (Save 10%)

Save 10% when you enroll in Dowsing Courses No. 1 and No. 2.


Dowsing Course No. 3: Deviceless Dowsing with Muscle Testing

Learn to dowse without a pendulum by using your body, hands and even your eyelashes.

Regular rate: $147